We Have a Club!

We are pleased to report that Ye Honorable Guild of Tabletop Roleplaying Gamers of NASA Langley Research Center in Solidarity Freely Assembled (also known as the LaRC Tabletop RPG Club) has officially been created! This week, we received formal approval from the NASA Langley Office of Chief Counsel and the Langley Exchange Activities Council to join the many existing sports and clubs available to the employees, contractors, families, and guests of our workplace.

Learn more about the Club and Membership!

Our Articles of Constitution were formally adopted on August 13, 2019 by unanimous vote of those present, and the following officers elected to terms of no more than one year:

  • Nalin A. Ratnayake, High Chieftain
  • Jason T. Kirk, First Mate
  • Matt A. Simon, Chancellor of the Exchequer
  • TJ Wignall, Lord/Lady of Games

Our first general meeting has been tentatively set for Wednesday, September 4th at 5pm in the NASA Langley Cafeteria. We will have some sort of sign! Details to follow soon.

The Small Council is seeking officer candidates for the following appointed positions:

  • Starship Captain for Propaganda – lead a committee for developing advertising, recruiting, banners/flags, etc
  • Starship Captain for Game Master Support – lead a committee for developing and maintaining resources / discussion / events for those who run RPG games, including those wanting to learn
  • Starship Captain for Entry-Level Experience – lead a committee for developing entry-level quick adventures, ready-to-play characters, one-page quickstart guides for games, etc

Please reach out to any of the officers above by looking us up in the NASA Langley employee directory, or if external please contact: info at larctabletoprpg dot club.