Officers and Governance

May not represent actual officer meetings, at least not all the time. (Image is CC0 Public Domain: Free for personal and commercial use, no attribution required.

We are an approved club of the NASA Langley Employee Exchange. However, this website is a private site which is hosted, paid for, and maintained with personal resources outside of official work time. It does not reflect any official stance or communication of the Langley Research Center, NASA, or the US Government.

As per our Articles of Constitution, the Tabletop RPG Club is very democratically governed, and all members have a key voice in setting the direction and operation of the club.


The current elected officers are:

  • Nalin A. Ratnayake, High Chieftain
  • Jason T. Kirk, First Mate
  • Matt A. Simon, Chancellor of the Exchequer
  • TJ Wignall, Lord/Lady of Games

The current appointed officers are:

  • Steven Holz, Starship Captain for Game Master Support
  • [Vacant], Starship Captain for Propaganda
  • [Vacant], Starship Captain for Entry-Level Experience


The following decrees and supplemental bylaws have been issued by the appropriate elected officers:

Contact Us

Internal POC: Nalin Ratnayake, LaRC/D3
General Email: info at larctabletoprpg dot club