Note: Frost giant strength not included in standard membership. Paladins are encouraged to check with Security Police before using Searing Smite or Compelled Duel on NASA premises. Image credit: LaRC Tabletop RPG Club.

Membership confers the following benefits: elect officers or be an officer yourself, lead committees, vote in how club money is spent, vote in what the club does, attend special member events, and generally support our mission of nerdery.

Dues go towards supplies needed for operations and gaming (for example, a common library of games, dice, maps, sourcebooks and rulebooks), subsidizing or enhancing club events, and generally delivering a better experience to all participants:

  • Annual – $25
  • Spring (Jan-May) or Fall (Sept-Dec) – $10
  • Summer (Jun-Aug) – $5

Membership is not required to participate in general events, but future special events may be established for members only.

As an official club of the NASA Langley Employee Exchange, our primary community are the employees, contractors, students, immediate family, and guests of NASA Langley Research Center. We are required to restrict the participation of those not NASA-affiliated to no more than 25% of our membership, and all such members must have a civil servant sponsor within NASA LaRC. 

How Do I Join?

  1. Pay dues for your preferred term. (Find Matt Simon, Chancellor of the Exchequer at a General Meeting, or contact him through the LaRC employee directory.)
  2. Sign and submit the LEA Liability Waiver to us or to the Exchange.
  3. Join the email list (which is also open to non-members, and either NASA/non-NASA emails are fine).
  4. Push up your glasses and beam with the joy of belonging and the pride that comes from knowing that you supported our glorious organization.