About the Club

Ye Honorable Guild of Tabletop Roleplaying Gamers of NASA Langley Research Center in Solidarity Freely Assembled, also simply called the Tabletop RPG Club, welcomes you to our website!

Our formal goals are twofold:

  1. We facilitate and encourage the social connection, imagination, innovation, creativity, and development of leadership and interpersonal skills of members through participation in the collaborative storytelling of Tabletop Role Playing Games.
  2. We place special emphasis on welcoming new employees and students and connecting them with fellow employees and members of the community who share a common interest in this genre of gaming, as well as providing opportunities for all members to learn from and interact with a diverse group of people in a positive, inclusive, and encouraging environment.

At this time we meet every other week on Wednesdays at 5pm in the NASA LaRC Cafeteria.

Our planned activities include:

  • single-session adventures, including those designed for beginners and for GMs to test out ideas
  • ongoing campaigns of various games
  • tournaments and special events such as cosplay parties
  • committees and support groups for game masters, players, character creation, artistry, and more
  • organized trips to gaming conventions (such as GenCon, DragonCon, RavenCon, etc)
  • socials for general nerdery

Players of all levels, from absolute beginners to experienced dungeon delvers, are welcome to attend, observe, and participate to their level of comfort and interest.