Message from the High Chieftain

Greetings High Rollers, 

I hope you are staying safe and sane. The Small Council has been discussing how to remain of value to you, especially our club members who have contributed financially to the club, during this time of mandatory telework and stay-at-home orders. I’m happy to announce two efforts in that regard. 

Firstly, thanks to some fantastic Charisma checks made by our Starship Captain for GM Support Steve Holz, club members now have electronic access to the entire collection of DnD 5e sourcebooks and adventures on DnD Beyond. This is a huge boost to our club with an enormous amount of digital material, and is sure to keep your home games well-stocked with lore and content! The catch is that due to mandatory two-factor authentication, you do have to coordinate with Steve to log in. Members who want to take advantage of this addition to our library can email him directly or message him in the Game Master Support channel on our Teams. Thanks so much Steve!!! Sweet loot! 

Secondly, since we haven’t been able to game and socialize in-person which is a huge benefit of the club, we are deferring current membership status. If you were a current member in Spring 2020, your membership will be automatically current for whatever term we are in whenever we can resume in-person General Sessions. Also, if you were an annual member during Spring 2020, your membership will get a bonus term tacked on to account for terms that we missed.

Hope to game with you soon, and please always feel free to email us or post in the Teams with any ideas, discussion, questions, or suggestions.

In Solidarity,


Virtual General Session 4/15/20

On April 15, 2020 our illustrious club held its first virtual general session via Microsoft Teams in order to stay within compliance of social distancing guidelines and common sense during this time.

The agenda was as follows:

  1. Formal authorization vote for the Humble Bundle for 3D printer assets that is being discussed on the Teams. After some discussion, we have determined that for various reasons we can’t count likes on the Teams post as an actual vote per our Glorious Constitution. Since a vote in how club money is spent is one of the main benefits of being a member in the first place, and we are mindful that it is member money we are merely stewards of, we want to make sure that we are by the book and fully above-board with how we handle our finances, including this purchase authorization vote. (Vote passed)
  2. Open discussion on remote gaming, in which everyone is welcome to share success stories, tools, approaches, and questions related to RPG gaming during these times of social distancing and home isolation. If you have specific topics that you’d like to share or questions that you would like asked, please feel free to send those to me to make sure they get included. Otherwise, expect it to be pretty free-form!
  3. Keeping up connections! It will be great to hear your voices and see your faces again, even if over a screen. It’s important to stay connected.

Feel free to responsibly BYOB and/or BYO Pizza to this virtual general session! 

The virtual meeting will be held via Microsoft Teams. Those of you external to the NASA firewall should be able to join with the meeting link that will be included at the bottom of this calendar invite (it opens the Teams web app in a browser).