General Session 3/11/20

Our next general session will be next Wednesday, March 11th at 5pm in the NASA Cafeteria.

Scheduled campaigns include:

  • DnD 5e | Descent into Avernus | GM: Bryce M. | Open to: observers
  • DnD 5e | Lost Mines of Phandelver | GM: Jason K. | Open to: observers
  • DnD 5e | Princes of Apocalypse: Elemental Evil in Eberron | GM: Richard R. | Open to: observers and new players (Session 3)
  • STA 2d20 | Star Trek Adventures | GM: Louis E. | Open to: observers and new players (Session 1)

We will also have our usual assortment of single-session / rules-light RPGs for low-overhead fun. Socializing, observing, and general nerdery are also always welcome. Training / beginner games available upon request! Simply indicate as such on the RSVP form.

We will order pizzas based on RSVPs, and Afterburners will be open for drinks.

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