General Session 1/15/20

Happy New Year everyone! We are excited to announce our first General Session of 2020: Wednesday, January 15th at 5pm in the NASA Cafeteria.

Currently active campaigns:

  • DnD 5e | Descent into Avernus | GM: Bryce Moran | Open to: observers
  • DnD 5e | Lost Mines of Phandelver | GM: Jason Kirk | Open to: new players and observers

Due to the recent completion of several ongoing campaigns, there are many players currently looking for an ongoing campaign. This would be a great session to solicit a new party, run a training game or planning session, or demo a single-session trial run of an idea you are working on! Please notify the Lord/Lady of Games, TJ Wignall (info at larctabletoprpg dot club, or look him up in the employee directory to contact him directly) if you intend to run or start a new game at this session.

We will also have our usual variety of fun, rules-light, single-session RPGs available for play. Friends, colleagues, and observers are always welcome to join our general sessions.

Please RSVP below for the session so that we can plan logistics:

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