General Session 1/29/20

The RSVP Form for our next general session is below.

Currently active campaigns: 

  • DnD 5e | Descent into Avernus | GM: Bryce Moran | Open to: observers
  • DnD 5e | Lost Mines of Phandelver | GM: Jason Kirk | Open to: observers
  • DnD 5e | Princes of Apocalypse: Elemental Evil in Eberron | Open to: new players (Session 0)

Additional single-session games or longer terms campaigns are always welcome. Please contact the Lord/Lady of Games, TJ Wignall using the LaRC employee directory.

2019 Recap

2019 was a great year for the LaRC Tabletop RPG Club, first and foremost because we began to exist. Thanks to all the peeps who contributed planning hours, personal seed funds, and the critical enthusiasm required to get this club off the ground.

The Club ended the year with 16 members, with attendance at most General Sessions in the 20’s. Member dues have been used to purchase new common gaming equipment, such as sourcebooks/rulebooks, dice, and new games for the Club Library such as the Fate Core System, Coffee Detective, and Dread.

We ran four teaching sessions of DnD 5e, and learner campaigns of Star Wars: Edge of the Empire and Call of Cthulu. In addition, ongoing campaigns are in progress (or recently completed) of DnD 5e: Lost Mines of Phandelver, DnD 5e: Descent into Avernus, and Pathfinder 2e. Finally, at each general session we had several players for a medley of various and hilarious one-shot, rules-light RPGs such as Everyone is John.

Our goals for this year include:

  • continue to expand membership and engagement
  • streamline our system for tracking and planning future ongoing campaigns
  • hold more member events such as socials or coordinated trips to Sci-Fi and gaming conventions
  • continue to have fun!

We hope to see you at one of our General Sessions or events!

General Session 1/15/20

Happy New Year everyone! We are excited to announce our first General Session of 2020: Wednesday, January 15th at 5pm in the NASA Cafeteria.

Currently active campaigns:

  • DnD 5e | Descent into Avernus | GM: Bryce Moran | Open to: observers
  • DnD 5e | Lost Mines of Phandelver | GM: Jason Kirk | Open to: new players and observers

Due to the recent completion of several ongoing campaigns, there are many players currently looking for an ongoing campaign. This would be a great session to solicit a new party, run a training game or planning session, or demo a single-session trial run of an idea you are working on! Please notify the Lord/Lady of Games, TJ Wignall (info at larctabletoprpg dot club, or look him up in the employee directory to contact him directly) if you intend to run or start a new game at this session.

We will also have our usual variety of fun, rules-light, single-session RPGs available for play. Friends, colleagues, and observers are always welcome to join our general sessions.

Please RSVP below for the session so that we can plan logistics: