General Session 11/6

Please RSVP below for our next general session on Wednesday 11/6 at 5pm in the NASA Cafeteria.

Currently ongoing campaigns:

  • D&D 5e | Lost Mine of Phandelver | GM Jason Kirk
  • D&D 5e | Descent into Avernus | GM Bryce Moran
  • Pathfinder 2e | The Fall of Plaguestone | GM Ryan Bowers
  • Star Wars: Edge of the Empire | Escape from Mos Shuuta | GM Andrew Owens

And as usual, we will have a variety of one-off / single-session / rules-light games for casual tabletop gaming.

General Session 10/9

  1. Quick Welcome and Introductions (High Chieftain) – 5 min
    • Overview of Ye Guild 
    • State of Membership and Finances (Chancellor of the Exchequer)
    • Updates on GM Support (Starship Captain S. Holz)
  2. Administrative Business (First Mate) – 5 min 
    • Purchase Authorization Vote
    • Open Starship Captain Commissions
      • Starship on Propaganda – committee whose continuing mission is developing advertising, recruiting, banners/flags, etc
      • Starship on Entry-Level Experience – committee whose continuing mission is developing entry-level quick adventures, ready-to-play characters, one-page quickstart guides for games, etc
  3. Games (Lord/Lady of Games) – aim to conclude NLT 9pm