First General Meeting 9/4

Photo by Septumia Jacobson on Unsplash

The LaRC Tabletop RPG Club will hold its first General Meeting and gaming session on Wednesday, September 4th at 5pm in the NASA Cafeteria. The draft agenda is:

  1. Welcome and Introductions (High Chieftain)
    a. Overview of Ye Guild
    b. Officer Introductions
    c. Open Positions
    d. Membership
  2. Administrative Business (First Mate)
    a. Commissioning of New Starships (committees)
    b. Rules for Safe and Inclusive Gaming
  3. Games (Lord/Lady of Games)
    a. A variety of one-page quirky RPGs (open to all levels of experience, single session) – TJ
    b. D&D 5e – Lost Mine of Phandelver (open to beginners only, single-session) – Nalin
    c. D&D 5e – Lost Mine of Phandelver (open to intermediate+, 4-5 session campaign) – Jason

In order to help us prepare a great experience for all attendees, please fill out the following form to RSVP:

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